Our Charism

We believe that the charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a gift of the Holy Spirit given our Foundresses and which we inherit.
We are called in the church to give glory to God who is love and who first loved us and commissioned us to proclaim to the world the truth of his love for every person.

As Sisters of the Resurrection we participate in a special way in the Paschal Mystery in which the love of the Triune God is fully revealed. We respond to this love by going with Christ through the cross and death to resurrection and glory.

We live our charism when we:

  • proclaim joyfully that Jesus is risen and lives in us
  • open ourselves to the action of the Holy Spirit so that we may know ourselves in truth, and by his power, die to self and rise to newness of life
  • love the Will of the Father together with Jesus and faithfully fulfill that Will
  • live radically our religious consecration by which we are a sign of future resurrection
  • create with our sisters a community energized by genuine love leading to oneness of hearts
  • witness to the Risen Christ as bearers of hope, peace and joy as we work in union with the church towards the moral and religious rebirth of society.


Our daily meeting with the Risen Christ in the Eucharist is our fullest participation in the Paschal Mystery. From this source as from all liturgical life and personal prayer we draw our strength for the living out of our charism.

Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Christ life in us, holds a special place in our lives. We love, honor and imitate her as the perfect model of faithful cooperation with Christ in the plan of salvation.  

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The words of our Holy Father Saint John Paul II:

“With my whole heart, I wish that this great charism which is the charism of your Congregation, may always be your portion and through you, again and again, the portion of the Church - wherever you are. This charism has a deep paschal dimension and because of that, it belongs to the whole of Christianity; it has a meaning for each epoch and for each nation.”

Community Life

  • Sisters of the Resurrection

    The Sisters of the Resurrection choose to live their commitment to the Risen Christ in a religious community.

  • Power of His Spirit

    Each Sister’s faith in the Risen Christ and her personal experience of the power of His Spirit, enable her to live, grow and contribute as a community member.

  • Caring & Sharing

    Called to live together by His grace, each Sister strives to develop her own personhood through communal caring and sharing.

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