Apostolic Ministry

Our lives are rooted in an intense relationship with Christ, so much so, that what we do is not as important to us as who we are - women consecrated to God.

Everything we do flows from this consecrated relationship. We realize that so many good people can minister to others in many of the ways we do. 

It is not our ministry which makes us who we are, but our vowed commitment to God forever.

You will find Sisters of the Resurrection throughout the world, responding to the contemporary needs of the Church and bringing God’s hope and love to all we meet in the educational, health care and other ministries which God leads us to embrace. There is no telling how many different ways God may ask us to use the talents and gifts He has given us! There are so many ways to witness to the Resurrection in our world today!

Our life is meaningful to all people of today ... - those in schools - those in hospitals and nursing homes - those in youth groups - those in soup kitchens - those in college and high school campuses - those who are homebound because of age or sickness - those who are in any kind of need which we can alleviate ... the list goes on!

Declaration of Mission

We, the Sisters of the Resurrection of the Province of Saint Joseph, join with all Christian people in proclaiming the unfathomable love of the Father spoken in the Word-Made-Flesh, Jesus. Jesus came to give the Father's love a compassionate face; caring, healing hands; a voice of concern and feet wearied from service in response to human need. Having emptied Himself in the Incarnation, Jesus completely poured out His love for us in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit on the cross. Jesus' mission was the revelation of the Father's transforming love. His mission flowed from His intimate union with the Father.

As Sisters of the Resurrection, Mary models for us the joy of emptying one's self in loving cooperation with God's gracious plan. Our mission is the fruit of our contemplative union with the Risen Lord which began for us in Baptism. Mission is our cooperation with what God's love wishes to accomplish for the world and His people.

The more deeply we encounter the Risen Lord, the more profoundly we understand our purpose and call to action. Initially we deepen our prayer, nurture our relationships and give ourselves in generous, vibrant service. We realize more and more our vital role in the Church, the Body of Christ. Our own trust in God's loving plan informs our ministry to those who are needy, broken, and hopeless. In union with Jesus our service is characterized by selflessness. We are confident that the difference we make brings about the resurrection of society from deep within the hearts and souls of those we serve. We may or may not change external circumstances, but we hope to draw others into union with the Risen Lord who is our hope. In our later years, by God's grace, we surrender trustfully in God's providence. His love is embraced in our daily pain, our suffering, and the loneliness of aging. We are most nearly conformed to Jesus' death at this stage and like Him we continue to speak of God's love for us. We do so by the support of our presence, our smiles, our encouraging words and our intercessory prayers. Despite our human weakness, God responds to our faithfulness with the transforming glory of resurrection.

At every stage of our lives as Sisters of the Resurrection, God's love causes the words of the prophet Jeremiah to resonate deep within us:

For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future full of hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

We carry this mission with us into the third millennium with great apostolic zeal and we invite other women to respond with us to Jesus' invitation:

We proclaim in word and action
that because God loves us
we pass through the cross and death
to resurrection and glory!