Apostles of the Resurrection

The Apostles of the Resurrection is a group of lay women called to share in the spirituality and Charism of the Sisters of the Resurrection – a group known today as “Apostles of the Resurrection”. Actually, in the special Rule followed by the Apostles, the group is defined as “an association of Catholic laywomen who are united spiritually to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection according to the Rule approved for them by the Church.”

Apostles are called: 

  • To give glory to the Triune God by their life and by their work,
  • To proclaim that Jesus Christ is risen and is our peace, our hope and our joy,
  • To witness to the Risen Christ by living the Paschal Mystery and by becoming signs of peace, hope and joy as they strive to bring about the religious and moral rebirth of society,
  •  To fulfill their Christian vocation as persons who live their life in the world in the ordinary circumstances of family and social life.


What does the Congregation have to offer to the Apostles?

  • Our Resurrection spirituality which is based on an understanding and appreciation of God’s unconditional love for each person
  • Monthly formation meetings
  • Opportunities for a deeper life of prayer (Rule # 18)
  • Prayerful support of the Congregation: a monthly remembrance at Mass and prayer of the Sisters; remembrance also on the anniversary of the death of an Apostle.


What can an Apostle expect from other Apostles?

  • Mutual support, especially through prayer, in times of difficulty, sickness and death
  • Respect and friendship, even material support when necessary
  • Communal gatherings for shared prayer, formation and social events. Some of these include gatherings with the Sisters as the Day for Resurrection Studies in March, Days of Recollection, Annual Day of Retreat, usually in October.


Gabriela Wrotnowska: The First Apostle of the Resurrection

Gabriela Wrotnowska was the very first Apostle of the Resurrection.  She made her Promises into the hands of Blessed Celine in 1893.  This was just two years after the beginning of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection, founded in 1891 in Rome, Italy. To her, Blessed Celine wrote on March 3, 1893: Pray that there would be found another zealous soul, like you, who would be like you, even in a thousandth part.” Gabriela did encourage other women to join her, and truly this has become a reality.

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